Tuesday, February 16, 2010

34 weeks

On Sunday we went on a hike with Liz, Rob and Rigby. I picked the hike--it was designated as an easy/moderate 3.5 miles and, despite being nearly 8 months pregnant, I thought I could handle it. And I could--if by "handle it" you mean stopping every 3-5 minutes to do some Lamaze breathing before continuing.

This is me and Rob at the top of the hike, which took us up about 800 feet and through the woods past some amazing waterfalls. Rigby was allowed to go off leash at one point and immediately dug up an old chicken bone.


Amanda said...

Wonderful! You look beautiful!

Danielle said...

Holy Cow, there's a baby in your belly! Did you know? :)

You look stunning and wonderful and beautiful! And so does Uncle Rob, of course.

Big XO's!

Nina said...

sarah you look fabulous : ) and, kudos for hiking 3 + miles with that belly full o' baby!

Journey Through Toddlerhood said...

You look unbelievable! I am so jealous that you were hiking at 34 weeks pregnant! I remember being that far along and barely being able to make it to the bathroom without being out of breath - forget hiking! You rock!