Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Brad Pitt plus my sister= Bralizabeth

Yes, it’s true. My sister moved to LA less than two months ago, yet has already found herself at a swanky Hollywood premier for Beowulf. I can’t remember if she said she liked the movie, because I was too busy looking at this picture of Brad Pitt with a little newsie hat on and Liz skulking in the background pretending to look normal.
Unless Liz's LA adventures continue in this vein, I can mostly promise that this will not become a celebrity sighting blog.


Joe said...

What do we call Liz and her boyfriend Rob now that they're a Red Carpet couple? Rolizabeth?
And if you and your Rob moved to LA, would you be Sob?

Sarah said...

We would be Robah. Dan and Amanda would be Damanda, which is a great name. Liz and Rob would be Roliz. That sounds like candy.