Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Control issues

Rob and I prepared our wedding invitations last night, assembly line style.

I gluesticked them shut, while he stamped them. But because I was the one who picked them up, addressed them, obsessed over our list to make sure we weren't forgetting anyone, stuffed them, and then double-checked the list again, I was slightly uncomfortable with the idea of involving him.

As he lifted the first stamp, I said "If you put those on crooked, I'll have you killed."

And after that, I felt better.


Joe said...

Clearly a marriage made in heaven.

Jay Nicolosi said...

In what year will it be acceptable to e-mail wedding invitations? I say 2020.

Seperately, I know a certain couple that put the postage stamp on the upper left (read: wrong side) of their wedding invitation envelops....

Sarah said...

I think at one point we talked about doing something via email, but we chickened out.

However, the RSVP is to an email address, so does that make us all cool and 2020?