Monday, July 13, 2009

Two exciting things

Thing 1: Joe makes an appearance in the new Johnny Depp movie Public Enemies! Some of you may know that Joe, in his retirement, has turned to the silver screen as an extra in a variety of films filmed in Chicago. He has now been on-set for Flags of our Fathers, Fred Claus, and The Dark Knight. Though he claims to do it for the free lunch, the haircuts, and the groupies, we all know he has just been waiting for his big moment. And now, 1 hour and several minutes into Public Enemies, he can be seen multiple times in a scene where Johnny Depp and some other guy go into a cigar shop that is a front for a bookie operation. See Joe be a bookie! I haven't yet, but I can't wait.

Thing 2: My phenomenal husband, who does take much abuse on this here blog, has bought me a Kindle. Ellie blogged recently about her experience with Kindle and I must say I am excited to try mine out. As soon as I finish the stack of books on the floor next to my bed. Or sooner, because I think if I don't download a book by tomorrow, I may discover that my new Kindle has been sent to Ellie for better use. If nothing else, I am flying to Los Angeles on Thursday to spend the week with Liz and my mom, and I think this will be the perfect solution to my "I can't decide what book to take on the plane so I'll just bring these five" problem.

It's nice to have exciting things happen.

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Ellie said...

I'm so jealous!!!

Your birthday isn't even until November!


Can I borrow it?