Thursday, October 29, 2009

It's a Baby!

More specifically, it's a baby girl! We went to the hospital for our anatomy scan today, and because the baby is basically see-through, we got a look at her vertebrae, the inside of her brain, and her heart. The technician aimed the camera between the baby's legs and said "Can you tell what you're looking at?" I wanted to tell her that everything we had seen so far suggested I was carrying not a baby, but a plate of calamari. But I just shook my head and she told us it was a girl.

"Are you 100% sure?" Rob asked. It's not that he didn't want a girl, but neither of us wanted to leave until we knew that the hospital was sure of what they were telling us.

"I'm sure," she said. Another technician and a doctor backed her up, so yes, we're pretty sure. Girl baby! And she's really cute, except if you look directly at her face, in which case she looks like something out of a ghost story. Perfect for Halloween. My feeling is that once she has fattened up a bit and is no longer translucent, she'll be totally adorable.


Danielle said...

How wonderful! If you're very, very lucky, shel'll have red hair. :)

I cannot wait to meet her! Love you!

Nina said...

they all look like aliens in utero. don't worry, she will come out looking gorgeous, just like her mama! btw, hope the move was ok : )

Elizabeth said...

i think i'll start writing her a book entitled "101 ways to annoy your mother. tested and perfected by your favorite aunt."

yay for a girl!!!

Krista said...

This is so exciting. Can't wait to see her, but sooner that, you and Rob!! Come on over. Now you can pop over—a dream come true. (Well, I do like to vacuum first, so call and then pop. You can even be down the street. I'm quick.) I know, and weird too. xoxoxo K.