Thursday, February 21, 2008

Election? I thought you said Inspection.

Is anyone else sick of the primaries? No offense to Texas and Ohio, who should have the same chance as every other state to cast their important votes (although why Texas gets 10 days to do so is slightly mysterious.) But as I flipped on tonight's debate between Senators Clinton and Obama I felt, not enthusiastic or intrigued, but antsy. I even experienced a sudden desire to do the dishes* rather than hear the same questions, the same answers, and then after, the same recap. Although I must admit, I do find the post-debate breakdowns pretty interesting. For about 10 minutes. Which is how long it takes to realize that everyone is basically saying the same things.

I don't mean to be cynical, really. I have been fascinated by this whole election process. Much more involved, maybe, than I have ever been when it comes to discussing, opining, and hoping. But ENOUGH. I feel like the networks could start re-running the debates and we would get the same information. The only difference is how the candidates are handling themselves and each other. Who has made strides in their debate style and whose jabs are embraced or fall flat. What they are wearing and--ooh!--who leans towards who and who leans away.

Tonight the commentators said that Clinton shouldn't have talked so much about her superior experience level. "It's not working," they said. "People don't respond to it." Well, what is she supposed to say? That's her platform. I realize that there's a lot of marketing involved in politics and that maybe it would be savvier of her to figure out how she could twist her words so they sway more Obama supporters. But I'm actually glad they're both essentially sticking with their messages. It just makes me wonder what we're supposed to be learning during the continued debates.

I'm still legitimately excited about this election. I'm certainly passionate enough to blog about it. I'm just wondering if other people are feeling like this or if I'm letting the process get in the way of the progress.

Maybe things will be different tomorrow.

*I didn't do them. It was a fleeting desire.


Joe said...

Interesting that Bill Clinton said this week that if Hillary didn't win both Texas and Ohio she would drop out and if she won both she would be the candidate. But to put everything in perspective, How about that Bulls trade!

Catherine said...

Now that you are showing an interest in politics I suppose we were remiss in not instructing you in how to listen to the palaver in shorthand. For the state of the union speech you turn the TV on in time to hear the opposition's reply--didn't work this year but it usually does. You don't suffer embarrassment for the candidates by watching the debates. They'll tell you in the morning who won, lost or drew (or is that drawed?)Put the primary convention on mute until you see the balloons falling down. If you bothered to read this whole thing and follow the instructions you will probably vote for the first time instead of following the "who cares" road.

Amanda said...

I agree, Sarah - I still get excited about watching the debates, but inevitably feel disappointed that it’s the same old thing. And then I remind myself of what you said – what are they supposed to do? Create new positions just to share with their TV viewing audience? This has been such an unbelievably protracted primary season – they are probably as tired of their own words as we are.

Still, I did feel a little different about Hillary’s performance than I have in the past – I know it’s far from over, but I just kind of felt sad for her. She’s a capable candidate, even if she’s not my choice. Dowd said it best last week: “Those close to Hillary say she’s feeling blue. It’s an unbearable twist of fate to spend all those years in the shadow of one Secretariat, only to have another gallop past while you’re plodding toward the finish line.”

Sarah said...

AZ--that is sad when you put it like that. She is very capable and would be good. I can't quite imagine what she must be feeling.

Catherine--good advice, as always!

Joe--how you doin?