Friday, February 8, 2008

Misunderstanding lyrics

I was listening to REM this morning and had a sudden fond memory of my youngest brother singing along to Green when I became obsessed with it as a teenager. He was 7 and had trouble with some of the lyrics.

Michael Stipe [Pop Song 89]: Should we talk about the weather? hi, hi, hi. Should we talk about the government? hi, hi, hi.

Paul [dancing around the dining room table, probably with a recent buzz cut]: Shouldn’t talk about the weather. ay, yi yi. Shouldn’t talk about the weatherman. ay, yi yi.

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Joe said...

Was it you or your other brother who sang "Oh, oh, oh, oh fungalumbus time." to Billy Joel's "For the Longest Time"?

Sarah said...

That would be the other brother. I remember it as "funga-lung-us time."

Loretta Froth said...
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Care said...

My poor roommate in college, David Jacobs, had the hardest time with this as an adult. We would laugh our butts off listening to him massacre lyrics. Just a couple of examples...Angie by the Stones was.."I lay in jail, I lay in jail" actually works! Allison by Elvis Costello was..."I had a son, I know this world is killing you, I had a son, my aim is true" We never ever corrected him because the entertainment factor was so high. David, I love you.