Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Big Day

Today is my 30th birthday, and as such, I feel compelled to share that I woke up with zits. Ok, to be fair, I saw them last night before I went to bed, but I was really hoping that as my 20s faded away in the middle of the night, they would take the zits with them. That didn’t happen.

So I took them to the polling place this morning and we all voted for Obama. We also voted for a few of the other candidates running for various offices. It was invigorating to see the neighborhood up and ready to perform their civic duty. It made me want to take the day off from work, but let’s be honest here. Everything makes me want to take the day off from work.

On my way to the office after voting, I listened to my voice messages. My friend Will gets the award for creepiest version of Happy Birthday. Seriously, if you were being stalked for months by a serial killer and he then drank a bottle of Blackberry Brandy, called you on your birthday and sang to you, it would sound exactly like this. But I love you, Will. Thanks for the call!

Get out there and vote, people. All I really want for my birthday is President Obama in the Oval Office, VP Joe Biden on his knee. Or in his own chair. Whatever.


Jay Nicolosi said...

Happy Birthday Cogs!

OBAMA!!!! Today is the day!

Nina said...

so the bad news is, pregnancy is often also a bringer of zits, so unless you don't plan to have children, these unfortunate blemishes may be in your future again.

the good news is, hey, it's your birthday! and, you voted for barack! i am counting on you NOT joining me on bedrest tomorrow! otherwise you may be taking me to the hospital as a mccain victory is likely to stimulate preterm labor and a panic attack!