Monday, November 3, 2008

Exercising my rights

Rob and I went to Chat and Nina's yesterday--Nina is on bedrest, pregnant with twins, so we were there to provide moral support and eat snacks. Chat's dad was there as well, and as the five of us sat in the living room, the conversation inevitably turned to politics.

It's ALL politics ALL the time these days. At dinner, on TV, in the office...even the cats are biting their de-clawed little toe pads trying to figure out how Tuesday is going to go down. For the record, I think the outcome is obviously Obama-oriented, that is if the polls and predictions are to be presupposed. But I see no reason to get cocky or complacent. Perhaps my vote doesn't matter in Blue New York, but that won't stop me from waiting in line outside our neighborhood elementary school to cast my vote. And apparently it also won't eliminate the atrocious alliteration affecting this post.

I can't wait to vote and I do feel excited and confident about the election results. But if, for some terrible reason, we wake up Wednesday with a McCain/Palin future staring us down, I told Nina I'm joining her on bedrest.


Michele said...

BUT What a beautiful birthday present it will be to have an Obama filled future! A great way to start your 30's!!!!!

Ellie said...

I am finding this election to totally excruciating. If, due to the Bradley Factor, or the Fox News Factor, or some other Factor yet to be catchily named, Obama doesn't win I think I might lose my already precarious grip on reality, which is already clearly dramatically different from 45% of this country. Future blog posts addressing managing one's rage regarding politics would be a public service, especially if they featured practical tips or other how-to type information.