Friday, December 5, 2008

As if it matters, since we have been watching football every waking minute for the last 3 months

Rob is out of town, so last night I watched my latest Netflix pick, I’m Not There, in which 6 actors play different versions of Bob Dylan. Aside from thinking it was just a bit too long, which really says more about my ability to sit still for movies, I liked it a lot. Cate Blanchett as the Don’t Look Back-Dylan of 1965 was amazing; she looked just like him. How is that even possible? Heath Ledger as wandering husband/distant father Dylan was heartbreaking in a number of ways, and seeing Christian Bale as the born-again Dylan was mildly disturbing because it was one of the only times that I have ever seen Christian Bale in a movie and not wanted to lick the screen.

Perhaps you are wondering why Rob needed to leave town for me to watch this movie? We have an ongoing argument surrounding our Netflix queue, which basically goes like this:

Rob: More foreign films and romantic comedies? You’re fired from the queue.

Me: Oh yeah, because your picks are so great. Exhibit A: Cellular. Exhibit B: Hostage. Exhibit C…

Rob: Are you still talking?

We have sort of agreed to disagree on this, and whoever gets to the queue at the right time is thereby in control. Apparently, it was Rob last time, which is why we now have You Don’t Mess with The Zohan.


Jay Nicolosi said...

Any Netflix recommendations you could make would be greatly appreciated. Our queue is down to the "at home now" movies. I took a look, and really nothing seemed appealing.

Random - my "word verification" to post this is "hyporn." Not sure what that is, but if Netflix had a "hyporn" list, I'd be all over it. Maybe.

Sarah said...

Have you seen The Dark Knight? It's out on Netflix sometime this week. I also just got Wall-E and Tropic Thunder, but you're probably way ahead of the game and have already seen those.

I hear boob sharks like Sex and the City: The Movie.

"Trichsy" said...

We have arguments all the time about the netflix queue...problem is D can't ever remember the login and password so I end up with th blame. Here's a few that we have both been pleasantly surprised with...
13 Tzameti
Dexter (Showtime Series)
Weeds (Showtime Series)
Mr. Woodcock

Colleen Snell said...

I can't believe I'm going to say this, but the boyfriend and I actually BOTH enjoyed "Forgetting Sarah Marshall." I figured I'd be watching it to satisfy his need for dude jokes and fart noises, but there were actually a few genuine laughs and some romance.

Although, as soon as the movie went off, we turned it back to ESPN. I feel your pain.