Monday, February 2, 2009

Home is where the football is

I got back from Chicago on Saturday and, almost immediately, my butt magically attached itself to the couch. From this standpoint, the only topic I can write about with authority is my favorite Super Bowl commercials. Though I would like to give a little shout out to the audacious bastard who was smoking a cigarette on the subway yesterday. Hats off to you, sir, for your general disregard for others. Impressive.

I could watch this commercial over and over. The look on the singing baby's face as he breaks out the second time makes me proud to have once been a baby.

I love anything with Bob Dylan, so this is on the list, but I should admit that even this ad won't get me to drink Pepsi.

An honorable mention goes to the commercial, because I watched in rapt silence and even if I was kind of bummed with the punch line, it reminded me of a 30-second Wes Anderson movie.

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Lexi said...

I love the babies! That was awesome. The one with Alec Baldwin, though, was kinda creepy.