Monday, January 4, 2010

But my breath smells delicious

Deepish Thoughts and I are in a bit of an argument. The blog thinks it's not getting enough attention, which is true, but my feeling is that since there are so many areas of my life requiring me right now, the blog has naturally fallen by the wayside. Especially given how busy the holidays were; I was particularly occupied by eating half a pan of peppermint ice cream cake over the course of 4 nights. It's hard work, but I really applied myself and came out the clear victor. And then promptly got a terrible case of hives that I can safely say probably came from the sugar overload. Gross, I know. In fact, I ate so many sweets over the holiday that I might as well have poured a box of granulated sugar directly into my mouth. Still, I wasn't actually sure what the cause of my breakout had been, until I took my spotted arms and legs to yoga, and a midwife who comes to class had a look.

"Have you been eating a lot of new foods, or maybe a lot of sugar?" she asked.

"Ummmmm," I said, like I was trying really hard to remember.

There is something liberating about being pregnant--people tell you to eat what you want (except for my grandmother, who tells me to watch it). And I have stayed fairly healthy, if you just ignore the entire week of Christmas break. Still, when we got back to San Francisco, I ran into my 4-year-old neighbor who looked at me and said "Wow, you are getting really fat!"

No one will tell you the truth like a 4-year-old will.

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