Monday, March 8, 2010

The Oscars

Well, Hurt Locker. I guess you pretty much stole the show. I have to say, I think you deserve the awards and accolades, though there probably was something to that whole "the academy wants to punish the insufferable James Cameron" rumor. Note that I don't personally know James Cameron and that the word insufferable was in quotes.

Liz and Rob came over for the show, which was on at the blissful west coast time of 5:30pm. Perfect for a person who can barely keep her eyes open past 10pm. Among other things, we ate tomato tartlets (super easy to make) and dirty potatoes (also easy, which is a new requirement for any food I cook). Liz and Rob brought a fancy salad in a fancy salad bowl, and cupcakes, which they LEFT HERE and I am going to throw them out. Soon. Maybe. After I lick the icing off.

They also brought adorable gifts for the baby that they picked up at the Alameda Flea Market yesterday. If I told you the baby's room was all ready to go, it would be a big, big lie. But we're getting there.

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