Thursday, April 8, 2010

Our little man

Everyone thinks Scout is a boy. Normally it's not people who know her, but people we see on the street and in stores. "He's so cute!" they say, and I just say thank you because I'm not really in the business of gender education. But it's become clear to me that you have to cover your daughter in pink if people are to recognize her for the dainty, feminine being that she is.

I had Scout dressed in an orange Moby wrap and a green hat one day, and a cream onesie another day. Apparently, this screams BOY. Even to Rob. The other night when she was crying, he said, "What's this about? We don't cry here, Mister." So, you see, the clothes can really fool you, even if you're her DAD.


Anonymous said...

經一事,長一智。經驗是良師 experience is the best teacher. ....................................................

Nina said...

if it makes you feel any better, we practically bathed Naya in pink clothing and she was still frequently called a cute "little boy". we got over it eventually or her hair grew, i can't remember which came first.

As for the crying, Chat has lately used "Be normal!" when the kids are in a crying fit. I can't say it's worked all that well for us, but maybe it will work for Rob : )