Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Let them eat acne cream

From an article in the New York Times:

[[...nursing mothers will not be allowed to use their tax-sheltered health care accounts to pay for breast pumps and other supplies.

That is because the Internal Revenue Service has ruled that breast-feeding does not have enough health benefits to quality as a form of medical care. ]]


[[A study released this year by Harvard Medical School concluded that if 90 percent of mothers followed the standard medical advice of feeding infants only breast milk for their first six months, the United States could save $13 billion a year in health care costs and prevent the premature deaths of 900 infants each year from respiratory illness and other infections. ]]

It's so funny, because just the other day I was thinking, really what is the difference between the IRS and the medical research community? I mean...can you think of anything?

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Danielle said...

Oh geez. Obviously the IRS is run by men who were not breast fed.