Thursday, October 11, 2007

Happy Almost Friday

I can't post this on Friday, because unfortunately (for other people, not me) I am going to Cancun this weekend. Rob's brother is turning 50 (!) and we plan to spend our weekend watching the insane thunderstorms that will be hitting Mexico. But who cares? We'll be in Mexico. I can start drinking at 10am and it will be way more acceptable than when I do that in the office.
I should come back with some pretty good stories, because hanging with Rob's family is always amusing and I mean that in the most respectful way possible. Really. But, even if I didn't mean it that way, isn't it great how the phrase "I mean that in a good way" absolves one of all sorts of rudeness? It's one of my favorites.
I leave you with a prime shot of your first guest blogger. This is the face he makes when you tell him that he has to submit his blog post and it's not just going to be automatically accepted. I can't wait to see the face he makes when I tell him I refuse to take this photo down.

Enjoy the weekend! I will.


Jonathan said...

Could this be considered biting the hand that feeds the blog?

This actually brings up an important philosophical question, as Sarah has been deemed a member of my portfolio, whether she likes it or not, let's say at a 5% allocation which should be sufficient for blogging purposes, how much time do I allocate for a verbal harranging or silent treatment for her behavior? Do I dedicate 100% of her 5% allocation to silent treatment? The problem with this approach is that I lose all benefits of having a portfolio component with a blog if I overallocate silent treatment.

Therefore, Sarah I'm giving you a short, but impactful, 10% of your 5% allocation to the 'silent treatment for that posting...(waiting)...there, now we can move past this uncomfortable and unfortunate occurrance.

I hope you've learned your lesson and I look forward to you next blog.

Sarah said...

Being the face of a Happy Friday (or Almost Friday) email is actually a form of flattery. Just ask Dan.