Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Perhaps a blindfolded wedding?

I told my sister last night that I was considering having one of my friends officiate our wedding. This isn't something I've thought a lot about, but it does sound nice to have someone you know really well presiding over the ceremony. This would, however, involve someone getting ordained--probably online, which seems slightly ridiculous.
My sister volunteered immediately.
"Not you!" I said. She and I don't have good a track record in terms of wedding behavior. We giggled through the entire mass at a cousin's wedding; family members three rows up were turning around to see what was going on. And really, it was nothing. We somehow decided it was funny any time the groom's name was mentioned. And when the priest had the couple turn around to face us, declaring that we had before us "a miracle and a mystery", I totally lost control. "Which one is which?" I asked my sister and we nearly peed in our party dresses. I realize this isn't funny to anyone else, but it should demonstrate why she and I are not allowed to sit next to each other at important gatherings anymore, let alone officiate each other's weddings. She would probably start the ceremony by saying "Mah-widge is wot bwings us togethah today" and it would be over.
I reminded her of all of this. Her response?
"Well, you wouldn't be allowed to look at me!"


ellie said...

This makes me think of that time we were laughing so hard at nothing that, I think it was Jenna, told us to go sit in a corner, point at each other and laugh. And we did. And it was hysterical.

Daniel said...

Dad always thought laughter was the best medicine, which I guess is why several of us died of tuberculosis.

Sarah said...

Ellie: that just made me start laughing maniacally all over again!

Daniel: The king threw back his head and laughed. He enjoyed a good laugh, and so did his wife, the queen. When she saw the king laughing she let out a big laugh too. In fact, she laughed so hard she broke her throne. This made them both laugh harder. Then they got serious when the remembered they had the plague. "The plague" said the king, but the way he said it made them both burst out laughing again.

Amanda said...

Sarah, I think you made up that last deep thought. And for the record, that miracle/mystery thing is pretty funny.

John said...

I believe that an internet ordained minister is eligible for tax breaks since they are technically clergy.

So does this mean there is going to be a ceremony?

Lauren jonczak said...

Great post, this made me laugh. Me and my little sister are exactly the same way, I love it! She is actually going to get ordained by Universal Life Church so that she can officiate my wedding. Hopefully it doesn't turn out as bad as it can. I would die if she started the ceremony with "Mah-widge is wot bwings us togethah today" (great movie by the way). That would be something I would never forget. Thanks for the laugh, I am definitely going to have to send this post to my sister. :)