Monday, December 17, 2007

Close enough to smell the Starbury

We just got home from the Knicks/Pacers game at Madison Square Garden. Rob got last minute courtside tickets and you don't need to tell me twice to skip pilates. Sometimes you don't even have to tell me once. You could just say "macaroni and cheese" and I'm like "Gym? What gym?"
But tonight there was a real reason. We went with Jay and Cameron and I don't think any of us realized how good our seats were until we were comfortably within pinching distance of Ahmad Rashad and a server was handing us a menu. A menu! At a basketball game. Will wonders never cease?
I tried so hard to pay attention to the game, but I kept getting distracted by things like...Spike Lee! Hot dogs! And people screaming Fire Isiah! Also a very vivid vision of Eddy Curry losing his balance and falling into my seat, crushing me. The man is enormous.

Unfortunately for us fairweather fans, the Knicks kind of suck and got blown out of their own house 119 to 92. But it was an awesomely unexpected way to spend the evening.


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Ropheka said...

NICE Blog :)

MERRY Christmas :)