Thursday, December 13, 2007

New Words!

As 2007 comes to a close, I would like to celebrate the words that were added to the dictionary this year. Here are just a few. I have used several of these in the blog, and plan to include more in 2008--maybe even in context. Or not. Smackdown!

agnolotti: pasta in the form of semicircular cases containing a filling (as of meat, cheese, or vegetables)

Bollywood: the motion-picture industry in India {Note: DUH. This was a new word this year?}

chaebol: a family-controlled industrial conglomerate in South Korea

crunk: a style of Southern rap music featuring repetitive chants and rapid dance rhythms {Note: I love this word. Missy Elliott and I have been using it for years. At last, we are validated by Webster's.}

flex-cuff: a plastic strip that can be fastened as a restraint around a person's wrists or ankles

gray literature: written material (as a report) that is not published commercially or is not generally accessible

smackdown: the act of knocking down or bringing down an opponent {Note: Awesome.}



Jonathan said...

It truly speaks volumes that you chose to highlight 'gray literature' vs. other possibilities such as 'ginormous' as both a celebratory new word in 2007 as well as a word you plan to use frequently on your blog.

As a matter of principle, I will try to see how many times I can incorporate gray literature into future conversations.

And yes, I realize you work in publishing.

Sarah said...

Ginormous was just another one of those words that I would have said "Duh" about. I first heard a French woman use that at a party at Ellie's house 7 years ago and I thought it was the cutest thing ever. But it doesn't feel new, ya know?

Joe said...

I would have stressed "telenovela" because it sounds like Hannah Montana's Guatemalan cousin...think Patty Duke. I'm done.