Thursday, January 31, 2008

Mr. Hyde takes the night off

Last night Rob and I went out to dinner with our friends Tom and Meredith. Afterwards, we were in the Meatpacking District trying to catch two cabs uptown when some woman walked up next to us and then positioned herself at the opposite corner, where she would easily snag the first cab to come by. Illegal. We called after her as she crossed the street, but she conveniently pretended not to hear us. Sure enough, a cab came down the street, saw her first, and picked her up.

When we finally did get our own cab, Rob told me that had it been any other night, that woman would have had to race him for the cab while getting an earful of some choice words. But because we had had a lovely dinner and Meredith is pregnant, he was being “Civilized Rob.”


Elizabeth said...

Haha! That reminds me of the time that we had an encounter with a jerk cab driver (there were too many of us and he rudely refused to take us) and Rob proceeded to thank him anyway and walk away while leaving the back right door wide open in the middle of 5th Ave. I love Rob!

Penny K said...

Clearly Rob is going soft! I mean, really, would Meredith's baby have heard it? Would an already-eaten dinner have gone bad?? I'm disappointed. And remember, that kind of bile-swallowing causes heart attacks.