Monday, January 14, 2008

How to pose for pictures

This post would be better with photos, so I'll add them as soon as I can. A group of people celebrated Cameron's birthday on Saturday night* at Vol de Nuit, a Belgian beer bar in the Village. I think beer bars might be the key for me. Unlike wine, beer fills me up so that I simply can't overdo things and end up a shell of a person the next day.

Stephen shared some information he learned at a photo shoot recently about the best ways to pose for pictures. He explained to us that people have a tendency to square their shoulders towards the camera and lift their chins slightly, the result of which is that you look like a chubby animal. Ok, I look like a chubby animal. Other people just don't look their best. Really. We tried it. We have before and after pictures of everyone there. The after? You stand slightly angled toward the camera, one foot forward and your weight on that foot. Lower your chin slightly and grin maniacally at the camera. Wait, don't do that last part. You'll want to, because after you get all set up in your pose you feel so ridiculous that you can't smile normally. But try. You will be very pleased with the results.

*The last time we got together to celebrate Cameron's birthday was in June, at her fake birthday karaoke party. Coincidentally, Deepish Thoughts was launched the next day. I hope we'll have another fake Cameron's birthday party this year. I'm guessing Jay does not agree with me.


Amanda said...

Wow, great advice! Unfortunately, I received this information two hours AFTER making my own chubby animal debut at the DMV during lunch today. Can I count on you to remind me of this information on January 14, 2012?

Colleen Snell said...

It isn't a coincendence that Paris Hilton is strictly shot from that exact angle. Minus the grin.

Because she's just not quite smart enough to master THAT many tasks all at once.