Thursday, August 21, 2008

And just like that, I'm a child

I was on the phone with my dad tonight when he asked me to guess what city--in the entire world--has the most millionaires. My first guess, New York, was not correct. Neither were London, Dubai, Tokyo or any number of other cities I came up with.

He gave me the option of asking yes or no questions.

"Is it in Europe?" I asked. The answer was yes. And therein began a very confusing conversation which, sorry to rush to the punch line, ended with me realizing that MOSCOW is actually an Eastern European city. I'm sure all you smarties out there already had this info, but let me just say, when your dad is a retired geography teacher and you can't tell him the boundaries of Europe on a standard phone call, it leaves you feeling none too bright.

As I approached the apartment, I saw Rob and our friend Eric pulling in from a bike ride. I asked them the question. They started with New York, Riad, Tokyo, Beijing.

"It's probably in Asia," Rob said, thinking out loud.

"Is that a question?" I rushed in. "Is that a yes or no question? Ask me, as a yes or no question, if it's in Asia."

Eric started to laugh. "I was like this, too, " he said. "When I was 12."

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