Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Excessively girly post

Not to get all Daily Candy, but there is a new boutique on the Lower East Side called Mint Julep. It just opened last week, and if you like fun dresses, bags, and jewelry, you should definitely go check it out.

This is their first New York store (it originated in Boston) and they have lots of great stuff. Including a bit too much of my money. I could hear my better judgment ordering me to put down the purple dress. You will never wear it. It's too short. But it wasn't powerful enough to overtake a relative newcomer: my honeymoon voice. That sucker's loud. And semi-irrational.

Still, I stand by my recommendation. A very cute store, with a helpful staff, and tissue paper covered in popsicles. And despite my comment above, most of their merchandise is fairly affordable. Moreso when you don't try to buy it all at once.


Ellie said...

How much of a discount did they give you on that purple dress for the free publicity?
And when are they opening a store in SF?

Dan said...

Needs more sports.