Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Is there anything better than live music?

Rob and I are back from a Wilco show in Brooklyn. The venue was a pool. Or, it used to be a pool before they turned it into a fantastic place to see a concert outdoors. If you ask Rob about it, he'll tell you that we had to wait in line to get into the show. Then we had to wait in line to get tickets to buy beer. Then we had to wait in another line for the actual beer. But I think after he says all that, he'll tell you that he really liked the show. So there you have it. Reading this blog is just like having a conversation with Rob. I will post later about his reaction to that statement.

Anyway, at McCarren Park Pool, the audience stands in what was once the pool and watches as the band plays from an elevated stage. It's small enough that there is not a bad location to stand. We opted for a side area, where we watched a hipster mom and dad dancing with their three bleach blond daughters. The youngest one was passed out the entire time, even when being handed from parent to parent. I watched them, thinking how sweet it was that this family was enjoying the show together, spinning around and hugging each other. That was when the dad decided to lie on the ground for a while.

I was not there to judge.

Wilco was excellent. They are the type of band that is better live. Between the music, Brooklyn Lager, proximity to the stage, gorgeous weather, and running commentary of the Drew Carey look-alike next to me (who was there to judge), I was in a very happy place.

So I'm disappointed to say that Brooklyn will be turning the pool back into an actual pool, and ceasing all concert operations. Really, it's a great place to see a show and it's a shame that the neighborhood kids have to go ruin that, what with their "need for outdoor, healthy activity." They're so immature.

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Joe said...

House of Blues is a great place if you like proximity (golfers like proximity). At the HOB you can be two steps from the bar and 15 from the performer. We saw Lindsey Buckingham there. It would also be a great pool, though.