Thursday, April 23, 2009

Deepish Thursday

Time for a little Deepish Spring Cleaning, so here are some things that may or may not be worth mentioning. But it’s my blog, so I will bore you if I want to:

Rob and I obsessively watched the first season of Damages over the course of 4 evenings. It is downright pathetic that when the final disc arrived from Netflix yesterday, I became giddy with anticipation and decided it was going to be a great night. Because of 2 hours and 14 minutes of television.

I found 2 paintings under our bed and brought them into work to hang on the wall. I have gotten many, many compliments on these and when I reported this to Rob, he said I had to bring them home because they are his. And they belong under the bed. Seriously.

In my Utah dispatches, I forgot to mention that anytime Rob was around the kids without me, Nick would say things like “Um….can you please go get your girlfriend?” Yes, that’s right. I was in demand, but also demoted.

Krista’s baby shower was on Saturday in New Jersey. I carpooled with some friends to meet at Becca’s house. Becca’s 2-year-old son was so upset that he didn’t get to come with us that he pressed himself up against the glass door and wailed as we got in the car. The thing is, he wasn’t wearing any pants, so when one of the girls pointed out that his little pee-pee was also pressed against the door, we all cracked up. There we were, 5 grown women, laughing and pointing at a disconsolate 2-year-old. I feel proud.


Joe said...

If you spend some time under the bed, you certainly want it to be inspiring. Mom took down the Mona Lisa print I got in Paris. I framed it myself. Now we can't find the world's premier work of art, a collaboration between DaVinci and me.

Sarah said...

Yeah, maybe he wants them there for the cats...good point.