Monday, April 20, 2009

Rob has an Altercation

The following story was reported by Rob on Sunday night:

He was riding his bike to the park earlier that day when a Mercedes pulling out of a parking spot--clear on the other side of the street--crossed several lanes and almost side-smushed (not Rob's word) him into a parked car. To get the driver's attention, Rob pounded on the window. As he continued up the street, the passenger of the Mercedes jumped out of the car and started running after him. Clue #1 that this guy was an idiot: who gets out of the car to chase someone?

"Did you just hit my f%$#ing car, man?!" The guy screamed at Rob.

[Let us pause briefly for Rob's description of the guy: "Total musclehead with shoulder length hair that he spent 30 minutes blowdrying"]

"Yeah, I did," Rob answered. "Your wife just came within an inch of breaking my leg." I didn't ask Rob how he had ascertained the relationship between the Musclehead and the woman driving, but whatever. We're going with it.

"Hey man, why you hitting my car?" Musclehead yelled.

"Are you chasing after me?" Rob asked.

"You hit my f%$#ing car!"

"Yeah, I hit your window. I didn't want her to hit me. That makes sense, doesn't it, dumbass?" Name-calling. This must have been fascinating for the people on the street.

"Why don't you watch where you're going, asshole?"

"Are you crazy?" Rob asked.

Musclehead continued spazzing, but he seemed to have a limited repertoire. "Why did you hit my car?" he yelled again.

Finally Rob just looked at him, asked "Are you on steroids?" and rode away.


Elizabeth said...

I see "Civilized Rob" took the night off this time.

Jay Nicolosi said...

Been in this situation many, many, many times.....

"Get a bicycle. You will certainly not regret it, if you live." ~Mark Twain