Friday, June 12, 2009


Congratulations to Natascha, who found out yesterday that she passed the Bar exam in Colorado! I wish I could have heard the conversation when the woman from the Colorado Supreme Court called to give her the news and Natascha just kept asking “Are you sure?” Yay, Tash!

Kudos to Rob C (of Liz and Rob fame) who quit his job to follow his dream of tormenting my sister by sleeping in while she goes to work.
Just kidding, he quit left his job to start his own business and be the master of his domain. More to come on this.

And welcome to Jordan Tristan (“JT”) Riley, born Monday 6/1 to my dear friend Krista. I’m going to visit them today, so I will post a photo next week. I’ve seen a few already: the kid is a looker.

In terms of personal accomplishments, all I really have to share is that I walked to work in flip flops today and I have finally gotten all of the slime off my feet. Anytime this nasty weather wants to take a break would be fine with me.


RC said...

Thanks for the shout out Sarah- but can we start using the word "left" and not "quit?" It's got such a better ring to it, no?

I'd also like to point out that your sister yelled at me for not waking her up today... because apparently that is my new job.

Elizabeth said...

RC, you just take your 5 seconds of 'Deepish Fame' and be quiet.

l was super late for a meeting and since all you have to do in the morning is read Sarah's blog and sip your chai latte, I figured you could have taken 2 seconds to peel me out of bed and remind me that I still work. Because the lovely dreams I was having were telling me otherwise. :)