Monday, June 1, 2009

Books made of Air

Deepish Thoughts was officially launched about 2 years ago, around the 2007 Book Expo America, which really only matters to people in publishing and those people’s parents who pretend to be in publishing so that they can show up and get free books. The free books have always been, in fact, the best part of the show.

But this weekend, there were not a whole lot of giveaways to be found, as people are cutting back on expenses. Thus, I came away empty-handed, nothing to curl up with when I got home, nothing to send to the parents. BUT! At the Harper Collins booth, a movement was taking place. Instead of piles of books, there were piles of postcards. And those postcards had the following information for all you savvy e-readers out there.

To read an advance copy of Mary Karr’s new memoir LIT:

Login at
Enter BEA1-2009-LIT1-0005
Select your device and file format for download

To read a copy of The Book of The Shepherd, a new novel by Joann Davis, enter BEA1-2009-BFTS-0008

Which means that there were freebies being offered, but they were 21st-century freebies. You can download these to your Sony Reader, iPhone, Windows or Mac Computer, or Smartphone. Keep in mind they are uncorrected versions.

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