Thursday, November 19, 2009

Dear Community

I don't ever ask for comments on this blog because it makes me kind of nervous to put that kind of post out there and then--the horror--not get any responses. But I am stepping out on a limb today because the time has come for me to register for baby stuff and I have no freaking clue what I'm doing.

I know there are a few people reading this and I know some of you have babies, have had babies, or know people who know babies. Maybe some of you are babies. If so, I especially need your help.

What are some of the things you registered for (or didn't register for) that you feel you could not do without? Anything that can be skipped? Are there specific brands that are on the top of your list when it comes to strollers, car seats, those comfy spa-like pens that I have seen babies lounging in?

My thanks in advance, as I feel that without your help, it's possible I will be pushing my child around town in a cardboard box on a skateboard and letting her play with cat toys.


Dan said...

This thing is pretty money:

Sarah said...

I like that. I want it.

Jay Nicolosi said...

We have / had the same rainforest bouncer DZ recommends above. I concur that it's a must have.

Regarding what brands, etc. to buy, there is a great book called "Baby Bargains" which is updated annually and does a real nice job comparing brands / feautures / usefulness, etc.

I'd say that's a good place to start.

Chat said...

The beauty of the inter tubes... here is our registry: Obviously aim to get about half of this stuff (though you have twice the space, so go nuts if you want!).

SwaddleMes = must
Video Monitor = entertainment value alone makes it worth it
Food Warmer (and bottle warmer) = useless (most useless thing we put on the list). Just use an electric tea kettle and a bowl/measuring cup.
Rainforest Bouncer = must
Bath Center = must

Dan said...

I think it's instructive that, thus far, only dads have commented on Sarah's post. It's almost like the moms are busy taking care of the actual babies or something.

And how about that guy who commented twice? What a deadbeat.

Sarah said...

I love the dad advice. Fabulous and highly entertaining. You guys really know your stuff--thanks!

Amanda said...

Agree about the bouncy and Baby Bargains. And get a boppy pillow, or two for that matter (one to sit on after delivery and one to nurse on. Later, you can keep your extra one in the car to quickly handle a hungry baby). And, per Dooley's advice to me, bring one to the hospital with you. Those hospital pillows are the worst when you are trying to nurse for the first time. Too much information? I mean, it's not like this is the Internet and just anyone can read it.

Kristen and Denver said...

friend of Liz here- we LOVE our bjorn babysitter bouncer. YES it is way more expensive than the average bouncer, BUT they can sit in it until they weigh a lot AND it folds up and can be thrown in the car/airplane for easy travel and frequent relocation around the home. I'm going to email Liz a list to send to you- I love offering semi-solicited advice!

Jonathan Lyons said...

Will send you an email with a very long list!

"Trichsy" said...

Top 5:
1.Fisher Price Cradle 'n Swing-honestly don't know how we would stay sane without it
2. Chicco Cortina travel system (carseat/stroller)- it was named one of consumer reports safest last year.
3. Pregnancy pillow-the really long one that's shaped like a big U. Michele let me borrow hers but now after using it through the pregnancy and after I would buy one if I can't use hers again next time.
4. Breast pump and breast milk freezer storage system- I have the First Years one, it's not the cheapest or most expensive but it's really great to be able to be away for a few hours and not have to use formula.
5. Ceiling Fan- no kidding. Our baby stares at it and talks to it all the time.

Cameron said...

An activity mat saved us. You know, where there's this mat and they lay there are stare at dangling stuff? Babies love it. Ro would stare at that for 20 minutes at a clip and not make a sound. We got the Baby Einstein brand, but there are many excellent choices.

Sarah said...

Thanks everyone!! I can't tell you how incredibly helpful this is. Hugs to all of you.

Ellie said...

Hmm. This is all making me second guess my plan to just make a mobile out of paper bags and string.

Ellie said...

PS Sarah will you pretty please share all those lists with me? There's a handmade mobile in it for you...

Cathy said...

I find it funny none of our female family members responded! But, they probably know what you need and have already decided exactly what you will be receiving as gifts. Not to mention all the unsolicited advice you have been receiving since the day you said "I do." When's the baby shower???

Nina said...

To take to the hospital: take home outfit (with mittens, socks, hat, onesie and whatever you're putting over the onesie), sweater & a diaper bag (with diapers, wipes, changing pad, burp cloth, diaper cream)- i know this seems obvious but at some pt. i freaked when i realized everything i needed to make sure i had to bring this child home with me.

Playstuff: in the beginning, the swing/bouncer/mat combo (as others had indicated) are about as much as you're going to need for a while. the swing/bouncer have the added advantage of giving you a free hand so you can shower or pee!

Nursing: I loved my Medela backpack breast pump. enough room for everything in the backpack and totally portable. it rocks! i found the lanisoh, etc. ointments totally unhelpful- ice and breastmilk worked better. whoever said freezer bags for milk. we also can forward our spreadsheet that we used to keep track of feeding/peeing/pooping

***soothies pacifiers

***tiny loves mobiles- the kids loved them and would stare at them for a long time, which= half an hour more sleep for you and rob!!!

will email you if i think of more stuff