Saturday, June 9, 2007

Let's try this instead

OK, today I realized that I have about 7 friends I owe phone calls to and instead of actually picking up the phone and doing something about it, I am creating a blog so that you can read about what I'm doing when I'm not calling you. Last night I went to sing karaoke with Cameron and Jay and a bunch of their friends. It was Cameron's fake birthday, which means there was cake and some people who got a little confused brought presents. I announced at the beginning of the night that I would not be singing karaoke and then, after a few drinks, proceeded to rock Shoop, Let's Talk About Sex, I Say a Little Prayer (which was really Jay's song, but I screamed it into his ear until he just put the microphone in my face), and Crazy Train. The night ended with a group sing along to Sublime's Santaria. Jay told me that his magic formula for being comfortable singing karaoke is as follows:

4 glasses of wine
2 jello shots (yes, we had jello shots. I told you it was a fake bday party. I just failed to mention it was a fake 21st bday party)
4 vodka tonics

Jesus. That's my magic formula for falling down the stairs and going into rehab. Just kidding, Jay.


Jonathan Lyons said...

the formula is right, except its vodka sevens!

KLG said...

Holy crap. I'd sing anything, anywhere, anytime using that formula . . . and then hurl. Not at all pretty.