Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A Joke

"What does a cat say on December 25?"

"Meowy Christmas!"

Are you laughing? My Aunt Carolyn stalked me with this joke over the holidays, repeating not only the punchline, but also her fervent desire to see it posted on the blog. You see, she wrote the joke. I come from a very talented family.

The thing is, I forgot to post it. But guess who didn't forget?

I was in Chicago this weekend. My very thoughtful sister concocted a plan for the two of us to fly in to surprise our mom for Mother's Day; we departed from our respective coasts, meeting in the place where we used to verbally and physically attack each other for sport. We're better now.

My mom is not good with surprises, it turns out. Liz and I showed up about a day apart, but both arrivals seemed to have a similar affect on our mother: they killed her brain. She wouldn't speak for several minutes when my sister got to the house, and when she saw me, she refused to get out of the car. This is how we know she loves us.

We had a fabulous weekend of eating and eating, snacking, cooking, and then eating some more. On Mother's Day, my grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins came over and we spent several hours sitting around laughing. At jokes like this one:

"What does a cat say on December 25?"

"Meowy Christmas!"

See, Care? Two times.

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Carolyn said...

Did you have to put my 15 seconds of blog fame between the Star Wars video and Smokey's kidney problems...both of which are infinitely more hilarious than my sense of humor? I still love you!