Tuesday, May 26, 2009

We're really more CareBear people

Rob and I were in Virginia visiting Penny, Bill, and Lola the Dog this weekend. We rented a Zip car and drove down on Friday afternoon. We brought no CDs and no adapter for our I-Pods, so we were stuck with the radio for 8.5 hours. The radio, my friends, is a very bad thing. Towards the end of the trip, I had turned it off and was loudly singing all of the Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley songs I know. Rob drove faster.

The weekend was a blast and a blur, as is typically the case. We ate pounds of delicious and decadent foods: fresh breakfast sandwiches on biscuits, blueberry pancakes, crab dip, manchego and parmesan risotto, oysters, and crisps filled with lemon, blueberries, and strawberries. We had some excellent wine tasting experiences, which I don’t normally equate with my knowledge of Virginia—mostly because I don’t have any knowledge of Virginia. We watched birds. We played one rousing game of Cranium, despite Bill’s utter and complete hatred of the game…you have seen nothing until you have seen a grown man beg—BEG—to be allowed to go to bed rather than advance his little pink-mohawked game piece seven more spaces to win. He curled up on the couch behind Penny, who was eagerly leaning forward, since both she and I LOVE Cranium. After asking him a question about Smurfs (We don’t know anything about Smurfs, honey,” Bill informed Penny) we finally released Bill and he fled the scene. We don’t know anything about Smurfs, honey: my new favorite sentence.

On the way back to New York, we stopped for an adapter.


Dan said...

Why didn't you guys take the Infiniti?

Sarah said...

Alas, no more Infiniti. We decided that was a failed experiment. I miss the XM.