Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I should make all the decisions

I'm watching Half Nelson, which is a really good movie. I wanted to watch Borat, but Rob insisted that we watch this instead. This is fine in theory, except that he picked up the computer as soon as the movie started and then when he put it down it was only to go into the other room and start messing with various things. Now he's asking questions about what's going on in the movie and I'm pretending I can't hear him. Instead of answering, I think I'm going to throw a remote at him. We have three. I'm going to throw the heaviest one.


Jonathan Lyons said...

Rob and Cameron should compete for the 2007 Marais "The Most Annoying Movie Watcher" Award. Cameron will actually be watching the movie and still ask questions about what's happening.

Robert said...

Yes, yes, it's true. "In the other room" cleaning the kitchen and packing for our trip. How rude! Mostly, the movie just plain sucked!Who put that in our Netflix queue?