Monday, June 18, 2007

A Monday morning treat

I was in Starbucks this morning, which is kind of a big deal because typically I walk past it, look in, am horrified that the line is nearly to the door, go to work and drink tea. But today I got up early enough to be something like the 7th person in line. I was waiting patiently and checking out everyone else's outfits when the guy behind me said "Look out." I quickly ran through the list of what one might need to be on their toes for in Starbucks. Spilled coffee? High calorie scones? Paul McCartney CDs? Maybe in other cities. But in New York what you need to avoid is apparently the same whether you're in a coffee shop or out on the street. And there was a neat little pile of it right on the floor. A blond girl in her 20s walked up to the line. "Look out," said Helpful. "I'm cleaning it," she snapped, although whether she was irritated with him or the 3-pound yorky in her arms was unclear. "I never even put him down," she muttered as she wiped up the pile, which didn't seem like it could have been created by a dog that size (especially one that someone was holding.) And wiping the floor with paper towels probably didn't do a whole lot sanitation-wise for the situation, but it was the only thing I saw anyone do in the time that I was there. My latte was pretty good, though.

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