Friday, June 15, 2007

Southern children are cute and funny

This weekend Rob and I were in Atlanta visiting his best childhood friend, who now has three children. As you may have suspected, the children have southern accents, which is adorable and makes everything funnier. Highlights from the experience include:

Elena (4 years old), screaming "I'm going to spank you like a baby elephant!" as she slaps Rob, who calmly continues spreading cream cheese on his bagel.

Elena, from the back of the car, again screaming (this is basically the volume at which she operates) "Mommy, cut it up! Cut it up!" and gesturing to the DVD player. When I asked what "cut it up" meant, she explained to me, with typical little-kid gestures of impatience, that "sometimes when you can't hear the movie, you have to, you know, cut it up." Oh, turn it up. I actually don't think this is southern, I think it's just Elena.

We went out to brunch today to celebrate Father's Day and when we asked Gus (6 years old) what Elena was having, he replied "She's having a meltdown." Which is true, she was. It was something about having dropped her fork.

Being around kids is great, but it's also an exceptional form of birth control.


Amanda said...

What about when the kidlins develop a distaste for you? Yesterday at Father's Day dinner:

Nephew: Mom I want to color.
Mom: Okay, you want some coloring books and markers?
Nephew: Yes. But... (pauses, takes a sidelong glance my way) Aunt Amanda is too close to me.

This was not a problem of misunderstanding three-year old speak. He repeated it several times.

Daniel said...

In Nathan's defense, Amanda was really smothering him. And when she offered to switch places so that Uncle Dan would be next to him, Nathan politely declined.