Monday, July 23, 2007

Harry Potter and the Obstacles to Reading

I bought Harry Potter 7 yesterday. It was kind of a hassle to get. On Saturday morning I went to the bookstore across the street and was told “We didn’t order any advance copies. We might get some in next week. We don’t do well with that kind of book.” Um. What kind of book is that? A bestseller?
On Sunday I went to a very high-traffic area of the city to another independent bookstore (I was really trying not to buy this book from Barnes & Noble) and the women at the counter informed me that all of their copies were reserved for people who had pre-ordered and they hadn’t ordered any for the potential walk-in customers. I feel this was a major missed opportunity on their part. Finally I went to a small bookstore on a relatively quiet street and found stacks of the book up at the register. The store manager told me she doesn’t read the books, but she had peeked at the ending of this one to see what all the fuss was about. I tried not to look directly into her eyes, lest any unwanted information pass between us. When I got home, I read 80 pages and then had to go to the roof to explore my alcoholic tendencies. I considered staying home today to read, but it seemed unprofessional.
Jay finished the book in 7 hours on Saturday. See what he had to say about his experience.


Joe said...

I walked into Border's past the line of people who had pre-ordered and bought a copy immediately. After two days I am around page 200, reading slowly to catch the nuances. The teen trio are currently living off the land and I'm getting an Elvira Madigan vibe---this part is going on too long.
I think Hollywood has convinced J K to add more battle scenes. The last one should be a doozy.
What are the chances that the author did not work alone? So many characters and details to remember from book to book. Did Dostoevsky have a Rolodex?

Jonathan Lyons said...

When the genetically mutated muggles strike back against Haggard's army of flying dogs things get really cool. Wait, did I just reveal the ending?

John said...

I stopped in to the Barnes and Noble (that is Noble not Nobles, drives me nuts when people add an s when saying it) on 17th and 5th on Saturday around 1. They had stacks of the books. No one in line. The book was 40% off the sticker price of 34.99 but no signs or stickers to indicate that. The store doubles as a New School bookstore which is a little odd.

In any case it was easy to get and I started reading it. I try to do a chapter a night. I'm up to chapter 8. I love that the type is decent sized font that I can see without squinting.

I am desperately trying to avoid any media that will spoil the ending. I hope to finish it by the time we head to the Vineyard.

Enough typing, I have to read chapter 8 now.

Catherine said...

I think you should race through that book and spread the word ("the butler did it" syndrome). I read three and quit---how often can you pass through a wall and not end up with a concussion because you chose the the wrong one?? Much adieu about nothing!! Catherine