Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Cover your ass

I'm not sure if this has been widely disseminated, but Kenyans are pissed off because the government is making them put diapers on their donkeys to keep the roads clean. I'm not kidding. This strikes me as an excellent solution to the NYC dog issue, but it has not been a popular decision so far. Here is my favorite quote regarding the situation:

"If we have to put nappies on our donkeys, soon they will say our cows need them too," one donkey owner said.

Nappies on cows? Now that's just silly.


Amanda said...

Did you come up with this title on your own? It's really quite clever on a few levels, mon amie, I am impressed.

Sarah said...

Yes, I do all my own titles. I'm so glad you noticed. Mwah.

Book Cannibal said...

Did y'all ever read that Shel Silverstein poem, "They Put a Brassiere on the Camel"?

It's a great poem. For some reason I have it memorized.

Sarah said...

I want you to perform it on the roof. I'll bring the wine.