Monday, August 13, 2007

Karl Rove is movin' on down the road

Karl Rove is stepping down from his position as Captain Dipshit at the White House. He says it's so he can spend more time with his family, but it's probably because Satan has come to claim the rest of his body and join it with his soul. Right after this photo was taken, Bush clutched Rove to his chest and said "Save a space for me, big boy. Somethin' real close to the fire." He then faced the crowd and said (and this part is true), "Karl Rove is movin' on down the road." What? This makes Rove sound like a traveling man of the people, just heading off into the great unknown for more rollicking adventures. Then they started singing some Poison song from 1988.

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Jonathan said...

I'm sure Rove wants to remove himself from the limelight so he can go back to what he does best, coordinate smear campaigns from the sidelines. Did you read that one of his favorite origination points for broadcasting his slanderous messages is Law School campuses?

For those of you not from a 'Red state'...I thought you might be interested in some content that they rally behind. I support this contention by the fact that my father emailed this to me, sans comment/analysis to color his views of the link, but since he did forward it and he is a redneck, I thought that by the process of elimination he and the rest of the 'red staters' probably identify with it. Enjoy.

Sarah said...

I still have not watched this video! I'm blocked from YouTube at work. I'm watching it as soon as I get to a safe, uncensored place.