Thursday, August 9, 2007

I'm Yorning You

Oh my god, I know it’s not funny. I’ll stop after this. Last night I went to see Crowded House with Rob and a couple of guys from work. I have to admit that I was not that into the idea of seeing Crowded House. I know they had that one song on the Singles soundtrack and when Rob sang “Don’t Dream It’s Over” to me at a restaurant once it was definitely charming. But an entire show? I told people I was in it for the drinks. Then Pete Yorn opened the show and he was really good. Quality. Why he needed 5 guitars on stage, I’ll never know. But questions like that are best left to others—like the old rocker guy who plays electric guitar everyday on the southwest corner of 23rd and 7th. I bet he would know the answer.
Oh, Liam Finn actually opened the show, but we were still at dinner so we didn’t catch that part. He’s Neil Finn’s son, making this the second example of opening-band nepotism in one week. But he’s a talented dude—he was back on stage with his dad and the main act and he played at least 6 instruments.
Eventually Neil Finn got tired of singing and wanted the audience to do it instead. They (I would say we, but I was a definite non-factor) did not disappoint him, taking over on several verses of this one song that I would know the name of if I was a real fan. I give Pete Yorn an 8 and Crowded House a 6.5. Rob gets a 9 for buying dinner.


Rob said...

Hey it's Culos. Different guitars have completely different tones, tunings, strings, etc. Though seemingly excessive, having 5 guitars on stage is normal, because unless you're Sid Vicious - which I'm pretty sure nobody is anymore - you won't be playing the same three barre chords over and over again. Make more sense? Oh, and I read your blog. Hi.

Robert said...
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Sarah said...

Thank you! This is so much safer than me approaching the old guy with the electric guitar to ask may have saved a life with your guitar knowledge, Rob West. So glad you're reading it.