Sunday, August 26, 2007


Rob, Chat, John and I chartered a fishing boat with Captain John today. I was the first one to catch a fish! And the first (and only) one to puke over the side of the boat. I am surprisingly proud of both events. I named my fish Ralph, which was good foreshadowing. Chat caught the biggest fish, but decided against naming it.
It was supposed to be rainy and chilly, but we've realized that the weather in MV never matches the forecast. In fact, it's sort of like opposite day. Every day. So it was a beautiful sunny day and we were out on the water for 4 hours. It took about 30 minutes for the seasickness to kick in. I was able to warn Chat, who was sitting next to me, so I'm hoping the experience wasn't too traumatic for anyone else. Rob came over and held on to me as I hung over the side. Because, really, the only thing worse than being horribly horribly sick to your stomach is being horribly horribly sick to your stomach and then drowning.


Joe said...

Nice fish! First picture I've seen of you where you weren't the purtiest thing in it. Since you didn't identify the fish, let alone give its specs (who leaves that out?), I'm telling everyone it's a coelacanth.
Glad you've gotten past naming the bait.

Sarah said...

Well, I believe I did ID it actually: it was Ralph. He was a blue fish. 28 inches and 14 pounds. Chat's was something like 38 inches and 25 pounds.
The bait was a fake eel.