Thursday, August 23, 2007

Dispatch from the vineyard

There are no actual vineyards here. It is definitely a case of false advertising.
On our first full day in the house together, 5 of us set out to purchase some necessities. Girls went to the grocery store, not really because we're girls, but because both Rob and Chat have the disease that renders one unable to enter the grocery store without having some small fit that might result in one lying fetal on the floor until one is carried out by hefty stock boys. We sent them to the wine store for safety's sake. When we all met up after our errands, we had spent the same scary amount at both stores. Which means we had enough food for a small army and enough wine, well, it turns out we had enough wine to last us about 2 days. When they told me they bought 20 bottles, I thought they were a little crazy. The next day, when they told me we had taken down 8 of those bottles, I admired their brilliance through the haze of my hangover.
I have also learned several things on vacation:
1. I should not drink champagne and wine for several hours and then play Pictionary. Violence ensues. At one point, I admit that I did throw my pen down and refuse to draw anymore after Rob and John couldn't get my clues for the word "deadline." (A face with x's for eyes. And a line.)
2. During Pictionary, when someone draws a big body and then a smaller body, the answer is not "little human." A better guess is "baby."
3. When you are jogging down the side of a windy road with no actual running path, facing traffic, you should not stare at your engagement ring just because it's new and shiny. Watch the road.

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Joe said...

Was there ever a vineyard? Was there someone named Martha? Is it all just a great hoax?
Anyway, I printed your three life-lessons and will be hereafter carrying them in my wallet.