Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Communication breakdown

Rob and I have an unspoken agreement about the end of the work day. Whoever leaves the office first calls the other person. When it's me (and it's almost always me), here's how it goes: I try his work number and then his cell number. Then I text him, IM a couple of his coworkers to ask if they've seen him, and check his Facebook page to see how he's feeling. Then I start over.

The thing is, if we were able to say words in the morning, we could probably get the whole "are you going to be home for dinner tonight" conversation out of the way. But usually, when he approaches me on his way out the door, I growl and swipe my nails at him. They're short and he typically leaves unharmed, but there's not a huge transfer of information happening.

We had a system error this evening, though. Rob told me on Sunday that he had a work event tonight. Unfortunately, you could have told me on Sunday that Christian Bale was coming over for dinner and a sponge bath and I wouldn't have remembered. So I bought groceries and made dinner and then I ate it myself while I watched many episodes of 30 Rock. At 9:30, when Rob walked in the door, I might have been annoyed (even though it was my own fault I forgot where he was) but he brought 4 bottles of wine with him. My hero. I texted him a thank you note.


Joe said...

Just for the record, I found Christian Bale to be aloof. Don't know anything about his skill with a loofah, though.

Sarah said...

Yeah, I'm comfortable with your lack of knowledge on that. Thanks.

Jay Nicolosi said...

My internal calendar is incapable of remembering anything other than VERY important birthdays (Lincoln, Washington, etc.). I'm a day-at-a-time type, who needs constant reminders from my better half. "Remember, we're going to dinner with Sarah and Rob tonight." "Oh, right. Cool." Every day is like Christmas morninging for appointments. My external calendar, well, I'm just too lazy to keep one.

Sarah said...

You've got a good woman, Nicolosi! And she's got a good guy, too... :)