Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Tao of Names

I recently remembered why I resolve to go to yoga more often. It's the teacher: he sings, struts, and occasionally breaks into zenlike giggles as he has us massage our own kidneys through the bottoms of our feet. He loves to talk about us all drinking "beer" when we leave yoga. As though "beer" is some hilarious concept that he doesn't quite believe in, but has heard talk of.

I strongly believe that he invents names for people in the class. It's the only explanation for the following statements:

"Beautiful pose, Mufasa!"

"Oh! Cyril is here. Do we have a mat for Cyril?"

"Elfie! You need to use a towel for that pose."

"Ah, Poe. Lovely."

Seriously. I feel like I'm going to yoga in an animated film. At one point he said something to "Christopher" and I felt momentarily sorry for poor Christopher, with his average name. How can he compete with Mufasa? How can anyone?

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