Sunday, April 6, 2008

A tasty trip to the second city

Rob and I just got back from a weekend in Chicago, which--like most of our time there--was a whirlwind of activity. This trip centered around wedding party planning, but of course included the mainstays of any trip to the hometown: seeing friends and family and eating dramatic amounts of cheese.

It's not that we don't eat cheese in New York. Oh, we do. But in my own home I do not find myself leaning over several people at the kitchen table in order to mangle a block of gouda with a carving knife just to get a piece into my mouth. It's as though merely by walking through my parents' door I am transported back to childhood, when there were 6 of us at dinner and if you didn't fight for what you wanted, well, someone else was going to end up gnawing the meat off a hambone and you would be left with an extra helping of lima beans.

I know my parents are proud of me right now.

Saturday night we met friends for dinner and had another lesson in posing for photos. Observe how our model, Dan, exemplifies the differences between chin-up and chin-down photos. Observe, also, how a well-placed-chin photo can make one lickable in the eyes of another man. You're welcome, people.


Jay Nicolosi said...

So great to see you guys. Saturday was a blast.

Amanda said...

I, too, find that man immensely lickable. Or do I mean likable? Either way, what a handsome devil.

Colleen Snell said...

We Chicagoans DO like our cheese. As long as it has beer, brats and sports on the side.

Nina said...

If you can come out of a weekend of wedding planning with a smile on your face and a belly full of cheese, you are SOOO winning the game. . . rock on sista!!!!