Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Seoul Show

Rob is pacing around the apartment. He brings one item of clothing from the first bedroom into the second bedroom and lays it in a suitcase. Then he goes and gets another one. I will go insane watching him do this, so I have decided to just narrate his activity.

Those of you who are more observant will note that Rob is supposed to be in South Korea. He left for the airport this morning at 5am. I was actually able to form a coherent sentence--something about love and safety--before he left. Then at 8:30am, when I was drinking my second cup of coffee, the phone rang. His name flashed on the tiny screen and I picked up, "This is not good."

"No," he said. "My flight was cancelled."

He had been planning to fly to Los Angeles and then on to Seoul, but a little mechanical issue became a showstopper, and he spent the next 5 hours running from airline desk to airline desk trying to get someone to take him to Asia. The things he said about Delta today: they were not nice things. Finally Korean Airlines came through, so he is zipping up his suitcase for Take Two of this trip, which will be a direct flight (14 hours) to Seoul, arriving a mere 3 hours before his meeting.

He walks up and reads over my shoulder. "You're making me sound like a madman," he says in a bizarre monster voice.

"I disagree," I say. And then, "You should listen to The National song Slow Show on the plane."

"Don't boss me around," he says melodramatically, as though he is so stifled by my attention to our music collection.

The phone rings and he picks it up. "I know," I hear him say. "I'm not happy about it either." Apparently the driver who is waiting outside said it was unusual to be traveling to the airport at this time of night. A weird thing to say, in my opinion, but I guess it's not as weird as going to the airport at 5am and then going back at 11pm.


Dan said...

It would be so much cooler if Rob was going to North Korea.

Jay Nicolosi said...

I blame George Bush for it. No, really:

LONDON - Nearly 40,000 travelers will remember U.S. President George W. Bush's stopover in London. Their flights were canceled or delayed at Heathrow Airport to accommodate him, according to British Airways.

BAA, the airport owner, confirmed Tuesday that 32 arrivals and 36 departures, mostly British Airways flights, were canceled, when Bush arrived, and the following day, when he left. BAA had no figures on delays related to the president's visit.

Sarah said...

I missed you guys! DZ, get us a baby, will ya?

Colleen Snell said...

I empathize. Traveling sucks.