Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Whine Country

Oh, so tired. Three days of Book Expo America in Los Angeles, which involved running around and talking, talking, talking to publishers, authors, potential authors, coworkers, vendors, and the guys who tried to keep people from stealing the books out of our booth even though ALL THE COPIES SAID DISPLAY ONLY. I was dying to catch someone in the act of thieving the $100+ art books, if only to have a finally suitable place to air the pent up aggression that comes with spending 8 hours a day in an airless convention center.

The show was mostly enjoyable for me, despite the above paragraph, but by the time it was over, I was extremely sick of hearing my own voice. And that mixed with the fact that I was meeting my parents and my sister for the next three days meant that at one point my mother did have to say to me, "Don't whine. Use your words." She's a retired kindergarten teacher, which is good because after a long weekend of work and events, I am evidently a retired kindergartner.

Tomorrow I am off to San Francisco. I am bringing three bags, eight pairs of shoes, seven new books, and my words.

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