Thursday, June 12, 2008

That girl is poison. Or not.

I met Nina out for dinner tonight. Chat and Rob are both still in San Francisco and we decided that the best way to handle the fact that they abandoned us was to get together and have more fun than they were having.

Nina was not drinking, which meant there would be no rousing Bel Biv Devoe sing-alongs. For a brief moment, I considered also not drinking, but...Nina likes to encourage others to drink. She was not as feisty this evening as she sometimes is, what with the teetotaling and all, but man alive, when Nina is feeling the spirit, she can be 90 lbs of Ferocious. And when that happens and Nina tells you to drink, the only response is "How Much?"

After which it is only a matter of time before you hear her start going "Girl I must warrrrrnnn youuuu" and then, if you were of a certain age in the 90s, you can't help it. Your body starts to rock back and forth and before long, you're in a group of people (or maybe it's just two of you, whatever, that's not important) singing the lyrics to a song that really doesn't need to be sung. Ever. And you're not quite sure why (or if) you even know the right words.

Oh, and Chat is rolling his eyes and trying to put everyone in a cab to go home. And by the way, this is not one of those things that has only happened once.

Nina and I were so well behaved tonight. We considered going to see Sex and the City, but decided we were too wiped out from the week. So there you have it. When we're not with the men in our lives, we are not quite as driven to drink incessantly. Interesting.


Nina said...

Pierce me with a knife- a song that doesn't need to be sung "ever". . . i know i don't need to remind you that it made it to VH1's top 25 songs from the 90s! Enough drunken cab rides suggest to me that "poison" is the glue that can bring any disparate group of people who grew up in the 90s together. I may even ask to have it played at your reception :)!

Sarah said...

Ahem. It was so NOT in the Top 25. It was Number 60.

However, I suppose it is sometimes worth singing, as it contains some decent advice. You never should trust a big butt and a smile.

Nina said...

I stand corrected :)

Chat said...

I shudder to think that one day in the future all of our kids will be able to pull this up (off the Tubes) and read all about their crazy parents. When we tell them the crazy stories - we will have actual documented proof (well, by ourselves) that we indeed rocked out back in the day.