Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Ah, the end of wedding season

Rob and I capped off our wild wedding season with a twofer on Sunday. Wedding Five was a small, lovely ceremony in midtown. We had to leave after the group photo (with bubbles) and before the trifecta of receptions (high tea, happy hour, dinner) in order to get to Wedding Six, which was on a boat circling Manhattan. It probably sounds exhausting to attend two weddings in one day, but it was actually pretty fun. My fabulous friend Cameron, the bride at Wedding Six, shimmied down the aisle to the Nina Simone song "Feeling Good" which was hilarious and awesome. As we passed the Statue of Liberty, the DJ cued up "New York, New York"--mostly because the groom threatened a mutiny against cheesiness if he played the Star Spangled Banner, which I guess is what they normally do.
You know you have a good wedding table when, instead of toasting the happy couple, you clink your glasses and yell "Team 17!"
I can say with confidence that we had a great time at all our weddings this summer, and we are sad that we missed Wedding Four because the airlines are lame and afraid of little things like electrical storms. Whatever. Also, we're seriously considering eloping.


Joe said...

You guys look like Ben Affleck and Angelina Jolie...Bengalina. Hey, that's not right.

Jonathan Lyons said...

you guys look good! didn't I take this photo?

Sarah said...

AS IF we would have bothered the groom to take our picture! Francie took it. This was her mistake shot, but it's my favorite one.

Care said...

You look like (and better than!) Angelina Jolie in this picture. Brad look great too.