Friday, September 14, 2007

An email exchange with Krista

From the top down.

Subject: Copy edit, por favor?

Krista: hey, thanks! you rock the party that rocks the party. or, wait, is it you rock the body that rocks the party? hm. weird. seriously, i love you for helping me. i am SO psyched for tomorrow. danielle got here this morning and it was so good to see her. she walked me half-way to work ;)

are you going to matt k's book thing on monday? i'm going to go because when i told him i was wavering, i got the phone call. basically he's using me for [Note: had to delete this part. Deal with your curiosity. It's not sexual. If it was sexual, I would have left it in.] that's cool, he can keep on using me...till he use(s) me up.

what are you up to tonight? we're doing happy hour on the roof top of the delancy in the les. trying to get hannah to come but she just keeps me hanging on.

let me know!

hey, did you realize that i put a little clip of a song in each of the above paragraphs. freakin genius.

Sarah: You are such a weirdo.
Matt’s thing on Monday is the 2nd book event I have on Monday PLUS Monday is supposed to be pilates night. But, since Mandy Patinkin is going to be there (Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.) I might go. The other event, however, is across the street from my apt at the Half King. So.
Gabby is in town for the w/e, which I now think I may have forgotten to tell you. We are going to a comedy club at the insanely ridiculous hour of 6pm because a friend of hers is performing. We will most def call you afterwards to see what’s happening. Also, my friend Andre is in town and we need to meet him for a drink. It is so exhausting being beautiful and popular.

Krista: i had no idea that mandy patinkin is also inigo montoya and now everything has changed. i will be there with my copy of the princess bride and will reveal to him that he is and has always been my only true love.


Joe said...

OK, I didn't understand much of that, but I do know this: The older sister of Mandy Patinkin (Excuse me, can I ask you how many fingers you have?) was Mrs. Kell's roommate at Illinois. He came to visit them once. Also, you can discuss the career of Wally Shawn with him (and maybe soon, vice versa). I was almost in Vice Versa, but that's a different story.

Daniel said...

Mandy Patinkin has an overdeveloped sense of vengeance. It's going to get him into trouble someday.