Monday, September 17, 2007

Being sick really ruins a sick day

I was home sick today, which makes me feel hostile. Staying home sick is only fun if you are not actually sick. But I was. So now I am nicely drugged and full of the soup that Rob brought home for me, and I am like the worst sick person ever because all I want is a glass of wine.
Rob and I went to see Ben Harper on Saturday night at Radio City Music Hall. We met up with Krista and Danielle for drinks before the show and, as usual, missed any kind of opening act there might have been. No matter. The show was fun. Ben Harper is at his best when he's playing the slide guitar or rocking out gospel-style. I find some of his other stuff bland, but there was a nice mix of Ben-ness. He did excellent covers of Use me Up by Bill Withers and Masters of War by Bob Dylan. I could really feel his anger on the latter, even from our cheap seats in the second mezzanine.
At one point, I left to use the bathroom and as I made my way down the hall, some guy did a full handspring and, upon landing (I give it a 10 because I definitely couldn't have done it: not a good way to rate things) declared, "You see? That's what I'm talking about!" And then some woman, who had just exited the bathroom and seemed uninvolved, yelled back "Fuckin-A right it is!" And I was confused at how I had somehow ended up at Cirque de Soleil.

Now I am missing the Mandy Patinkin appearance that I was so looking forward to, but I am somewhat mollified by the fact that I saw Wallace Shawn (inconceivable!) walking down the street yet again yesterday. As usual, I only stared.
I apologize if this post is incoherent. As I said, I am drugged.


Daniel said...

You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

Jonathan Lyons said...

anybody want a peanut?

Jonathan Lyons said...

I think he lives on 23rd between 9th and 10th. I've seen him twice this week.

Sarah said...

Let's invite him to our next rooftop party.

Jonathan Lyons said...